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Additional Cleaning Service in Charlotte NC

Kescor Ceiling Cleaning of Charlotte NC and surrounding areas in NC, is your one stop residential and commercial solution for the following additional services:

  • Hood Cleaning Services in Charlotte NC
  • Fire Protection Services in Charlotte NC
  • Exhaust Fan Repair Services in Charlotte NC
  • Deep Equipment Cleaning Services in Charlotte NC
  • Hood Filter Exchange Services in Charlotte NC

Spring Cleaning Services in Charlotte NC


Kitchen Hood Cleaning in Charlotte NC:

Restaurants and institutional kitchens are required by law and insurance companies to have regular professional kitchen hood, filter, and exhaust system cleaning to maintain the cleanliness and safety of their kitchens. Kescor proudly serves the North Carolina and South Carolina areas with the best kitchen hood and exhaust cleaning services. All our work fully complies to the National Fire Protection Association code 96 guidelines. Fully insured and licensed, Kescor uses only the latest cleaning equipment that provide heavy duty, quiet, steam washer reliability. Our technicians only use biodegradable cleaning solutions to protect the environment.

A standard part of routine maintenance in a cooking establishment is to have its kitchen hood and exhaust thoroughly cleaned. Because grease and cooking contaminants rapidly accumulate it’s imperative to clean and degrease the hood, filters and exhaust ducts. Thousands of restaurant fires occur each year, with the majority starting within the kitchen. Improper vent hood cleaning is a major cause of grease fires. Kescor’s professionals will safely and effectively remove grease buildup on hoods, ducts, and filters to protect your employees and customers. Click Here to arrange a complimentary kitchen exhaust system inspection and evaluation.

Spring Cleaning Services in Charlotte NC

Fire Protection Services in Charlotte NC:

According to the National Restaurant Association, 57% of all restaurant fires start from cooking equipment. Kescor’s experts understand that restaurant kitchen fires and grease fires can best be prevented by installing a kitchen fire protection system. The system is very common in restaurants, apartment buildings, and student housing. Facility owners know that investing in a fire suppression system is much less expensive than repairing fire and smoke damage. Kescor sells only top-of-the-line fire suppression systems that will better protect your facility, employees, and customers from a fire disaster.

Kitchen fire suppression systems are designed to protect a wide variety of kitchen appliances, such as stoves and deep fat fryers. The nozzles for a fire suppression system are installed above an appliance. Wet chemicals are used to discharge directly over the fire source. Kescor only uses wet chemicals engineered to quickly put out fires by covering the flames and starving them of oxygen. Once the system is tripped, the gas line to the appliance also is immediately shut-off, depriving the fire of fuel.

Don’t let your kitchen area suffer severe damage from an appliance fire, Kescor’s kitchen fire suppression systems will quickly stop a fire and minimize equipment loss. Click Here to leave our experts an online message concerning your fire suppression system needs.

Spring Cleaning Services in Charlotte NC

Exhaust Fan Repair Services in Charlotte NC :

Kescor believes an exhaust fan is the most important part of a restaurant’s exhaust hood system. When an exhaust fan fails, it can make an environment that is not only uncomfortable for customers and employees, but can also wind up sending fines to owners for health code violations. Kescor’s pros are superior at diagnosing and fixing exhaust fan problems, and we guarantee that your fan runs efficiently. Our technicians quickly respond to any problems you have and make necessary repairs with minimal disruption to your restaurant.

Kitchen exhaust fans must always be used whenever a restaurant cooks food. The fans remove not only food odors, but also poison gases, grease fumes, and excess heat in the kitchen. The kitchen exhaust fans installed by Kescor automatically turn on when the hood fire system is activated in order to remove life threatening heat & smoke buildup. We know that this is always critical to fire fighters and other 1st responders. Kescor’s commercial exhaust fan service can provide the following:

  • Exhaust fan installation
  • Exhaust fan repair
  • Exhaust fan maintenance
  • Exhaust fan retrofits
  • Bearing greasing
  • Belt replacements
  • Motor repairs/change-outs
  • Custom installations
  • Emergency service

Call us at (704) 659-1030 to speak to our customer service representative about Kescor’s exhaust fan services, or Click Here to arrange a FREE exhaust fan installation/repair estimate.

Spring Cleaning Services in Charlotte NC

Deep Equipment Cleaning Services in Charlotte NC:

Dirty kitchens are more than just an eyesore, but also put your customers and employees at risk for food-borne illnesses or even a major fire. Kescor has the knowledge, skill, and equipment to make sure our client’s commercial kitchens are spotlessly clean, safe, and properly maintained. We’re your five-star reviewed deep equipment cleaning experts, servicing Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas. Kescor is dedicated to promoting a greener process in order to protect our environment.

Our Kescor professionals have the following deep equipment cleaning services:

  • Grease lock
  • Grease removal from kitchen hoods and exhaust fans
  • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • Emergency light inspection
  • Filters exchange
  • Clean vents
  • Disinfect sinks and countertops
  • Refill chemical dispensers
  • Deep clean ceilings, wall, floors, and kitchen equipment
  • Concrete cleaning

Kescor’s experts will make sure no part of your kitchen is left to accumulate grease and bacteria. We hold our technicians to the highest criteria possible to create a safe environment in your restaurant. To maintain your kitchen Kescor offers regular deep cleaning maintenance. No matter what size or needs, Kescor can handle your deep cleaning requirements! We have the flexibility to work around your business schedule to minimize any downtime. You’ll never have to worry about an inspection or any hidden dangers lurking in your commercial kitchen. Kescor’s crews use the latest and best technology to clean your commercial kitchen in the most efficient way possible. Do not risk the bad results of a greasy and dirty kitchen. Click Here to leave our experts an online message concerning deep equipment kitchen cleaning needs.

Spring Cleaning Services in Charlotte NC

Hood Filter Exchange Services in Charlotte NC:

The commercial kitchen cleaning experts at Kescor stock multiple types and sizes of hood filters and can quickly send them to you on short notice. If you need delivery and installation of clean stainless steel filters that’s no problem either! We take all your grease-laden filters offsite in order to boil them clean in our special facility. Offsite cleaning actually is less expensive than running your old dull filters through your dishwasher. Filters return shiny, always fit correctly, and will protect your kitchen hood from fire. The first line of defense in a kitchen hood is your filter, so don’t settle for any cleaning/exchange service other than Kescor.

When hood filters are not properly cleaned, excess grease accumulates between the baffles allowing these things to occur:

  • The hood exhaust airflow decreases causing lower system performance to control smoke and heat capture.
  • Greasy filters become a fire hazard through suspending pounds of fuel directly above the cooking surfaces. Your chances of a grease fire are greatly lowered when the fuel source is eliminated from the hood filters.
  • Greasy filters also become noisy, making it difficult for your cook-line to communicate with each other.

Kescor has superior hood filter cleaning services. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that your filters will be totally cleaned and protected from damage during the cleaning process. Why should you use our professional offsite hood filter service instead of using your own staff? When you factor in all the costs including labor, insurance discounts, utilities, and cleaning solutions, it makes great sense to have Kescor’s experts clean your filters! Call us at (704) 659-1030 to speak to our customer service representative about Kescor’s hood filter exchange services, or Click Here to arrange a FREE hood filter cleaning estimate.


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